Saturday, January 15, 2011


The sun shines today.
Illuminating endless space
Darkness abides within one place:
The shadows of my soul.
Break through and end this night!

The sun shines today.
As yellow hands of warmth and birth
Draw fragile sprouts out of the earth
Reach down and lead my soul
From dead darkness to living light.
The sun shines today.
As fierce, transcendent metal gleams
Send unfeeling yet revealing beams
With cold truth purge my soul
Rescue the wrong and turn it right.

The sun shines today.
As power and love and energy
Grow the broken shoot into a tree
Establish, fill my soul
That I may climb and reach Sun’s height!

Whether you feel like your life is in the isolation of Night, the newness of Spring, the bitterness of Winter or the adventure of Growth, the Sun is constantly shining.  Nothing can stop its rays or restrict its power.  No place on the planet is untouched by the Sun, except the cages we build for ourselves.  This poem is a metaphor for the constancy of God our Creator.  Whether you feel it or not, God's love, power, holiness, and life is a very present reality.  Embrace the rays He shines on you... whether they be rays of warmth or light, pain or comfort, birth or growth.

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