Monday, October 18, 2010

to begin...

Why am I starting this blog?  Why do we ever start something new? It has something to do with the thrill and challenge of embarking on a fresh adventure, taking the first step toward a lofty and noble goal.  It also has something to do with the desire to share and be known, to keep my heart from drying up while it is waiting, hidden away.  But perhaps the main reason for this particular blog is to keep myself on track: to keep myself always looking for God in everything I do.

Yes, this blog has a deeper purpose than airing the inner ravings and ramblings of my mind.  My desire is to use this place to share lessons I have learned through explorations and meditations on the things that God has created.  I love wilderness, even when it's just found in a straggly unmowed strip by the side of the road.  I love adventures, especially when they are reminiscent of romping through the backyard as a kid.  But I have learned since then that wilderness--adventure--life--has a deeper purpose that can be only be discovered through firsthand encounters.   God's World points to God's Word to teach us about Himself and about the kingdom of God.  (Ever notice how often Jesus pointed to natural objects to teach heavenly truths?)

So join me as we explore the world, far and near, to find the treasures of wisdom that God has hidden in plain sight all around us.  It will be an adventure!

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